Eric Magnuson
Writer, master griller, silence filler
  Welcome! You've found a convenient way to access to my incidental obsessions, a small taste of past writing, and a purposely coy introduction to my current work in-progress, Pelting Out.

But...the new new place to see what's up with my work is @ my website:

This site currently leans seductively against the door frame, suggesting that you're in the right place. But not in a creepy way. What you'll find here is a curious little portal. Which will evolve into a future platform for my work. But please, look around. Make yourself at home. Sorry, but there aren't yet many places to sit and the overall decor leaves something to be desired. Nevertheless, send me any questions that might arise about what I'm working on. It should be noted that I've signed an exclusivity agreement with a fabulous and worldly literary agency (Kneerim, Williams & Bloom) to represent me. All contract inquiries can be directed to me. Or to them - the loop between us is connected.

My most current blog is

Plus you'll find extensive archived prior blog writing
(or at least five years worth of the best stuff)

And various other places (listed under the link "The Past").